Will C. - Attorney at Archer Norris :::   “I can think of no other court reporter that I could recommend more than Monyeen. She is truly talented and is fantastic at her craft. Any lawyer should be very pleased to have her working on their case.”


Randy P., Partner at Berding & Weil LLP :::  “Mo is a true professional. Working with her is always a pleasure.”


Fred T.,  Attorney at Dimalanta Clark, LLP :::  “Monyeen is the best. Not only is she quick, accurate, and knowledgeable, she is a genuinely nice person. I would highly recommend her for your court reporting needs.”


Steve E. - Owner at Ellenberg & Hull :::  “Monyeen and her team at MBreporting are outstanding court reporters. I can always count on them to provide accurate reports in a timely manner. Monyeen is incredibly responsive to any questions and can make herself available on a moment's notice. My overall grade: A+”


Jed F., Mediator - Facilitator - Professional Neutral – Attorney :::  “Monyeen is simply one of the very best court reporters in California. I should know, I have attended over 4000 depositions and can attest to the wide variety of quality out there depending on which Court Reporting agency you use. Monyeen's capacity to handle complex litigation, keypunch obscure terms of art, understand foreign accents, bring a calming influence to emotional witnesses and counsel alike and otherwise properly mark, organize and disseminate mega-volumes of paper and digital media with lightening fast turnaround is truly astounding. She is consistent, professional, personable and positive. I have used her on close to 100 depositions in numerous counties with great satisfaction. If QUALITY in court reporting really matters to you, if you really want to RELY on the RECORD you make, don't skimp, hire Monyeen Black. Accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”


Clay C. - Attorney at Adleson, Hess & Kelly :::  “Monyeen's work is of the highest quality, timely and reliable. Mo has a great attitude, is very professional and a pleasure to with in and out of depositions. I highly recommend Mo.”


Christ K. - of Counsel at Sellar Hazard & Lucia Inc. :::  “Monyeen is a detail oriented professional. i would recommend her for any type of case.”


JuLyn P., Partner at Lockhart Park LLP :::  “Monyeen is an excellent real time court reporter with extensive experience in reporting for complex litigation cases.”


Paul R., Principal at Paul E. Rice, A Professional Corporation :::  “I have used a great number of court reporters over my many years of practice. Monyeen is right up there with the very best. She is also a delightful person to work with not just because of her technical skills but also because of her great charm and personality.”


Mark I., of Counsel at Rehon & Roberts :::   “Monyeen is not only an excellent court reporter, but because of her personality, also has a calming influence on the entire proceeding, which helps keep the attorneys in line and the process moving smoothly.”


Daniel N., In House Counsel at Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. :::  “Monyeen's work has never been anything but excellent when I have have had the opportunity to work with her. She is extremely personable, intuitive, and polished. She is able to take in everything that is going on in the room and accureately and timely transcribe it, and she does an excellent job editing transcripts for accuracy and context. I would highly recommend MBreporting, Inc. based upon my work with Monyeen.”


Frank P.,  Attorney at Law :::  “Over the past ten years, Monyeen has reported on depositions in many of my large litigations (10 or more parties). Her transcripts are extremely accurate and routinely completed and delivered on time. Monyeen is also very personable and always pleasant. She is a top notch court reporter and I highly recommend her services.”


Melissa D.  , Administrative Support Assistant :::  “Monyeen is a professional with excellent reporting skills. Detail oriented superior client interaction.”